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The year 2024 will mark 100 years of Surrealism. This is an opportunity to present the works of Charles Carrère. At the end of the day, the master glassworker will be switching activities to surprise us with his works, some of which will take us back to surrealism.


FOCUS : Charles Carrère and Reunion Island

In 1987 Charles Carrère received a call from Reunion Island. It was a friend, Father Émile Baptiste, who asked him to send photos of the stained glass windows he had made in the Basque Country. And so began the Reunion adventure…


FOCUS: It all starts with a whimsical drawing!

It is a story that ends on a positive note despite the artist’s death. At the beginning of 2022 Charles Carrère found himself at the top of the poster on the kakemono installed on the façade of the Basque Museum and History of Bayonne.